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  • TEXANS DOING GOOD: At A 2nd Cup, a short espresso goes a long way.

    A cafe with a cause? Or a charity that serves coffee?

    “We get a pretty even mix of people who come and in are like, ‘You had really good reviews on Yelp,’ and those who come in and say, ‘I heard about your cause through my church,’” says Raggett. “We didn’t want people to come here for the cause and choke on the coffee,” she laughs. “We wanted people to come here to a nice atmosphere and good coffee, and educate them on human trafficking.”

  • THE TEXPAT SERIES: KC Carlos, Muay Thai fighter in Thailand

    With a regular training schedule of 24 hours a week — that’s twice-a-day two-hour sessions, six days a week, plus a 5-10k run before each training session when prepping for fight — it’s no wonder KC is of the caliber of fighter that would be tapped for the USMF World Championship Team. But being far from home, especially if home is Texas, can be tough for even the toughest Muay Thai fighter.