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  • THE PITMASTER SERIES: Miguel Vidal of Valentina's TexMex BBQ in Austin, TX

    Pitmaster MIguel Vidal shares some secrets to what makes his food some of the best Tex-Mex BBQ in Austin, Texas. “The key is the consistency of the fire,” Vidal explains about smoking barbecue. “You gotta keep looking at it and ask yourself, ‘what color is the smoke? Is it blue, is it black?'”  Every little thing counts, from the temperature to the time, to the type of wood. 

  • This Texan Ate BBQ 266 Times Last Year.

    Within the first year of his Texas BBQ blog, Jimmy Ho  started gaining traction as a local barbecue authority, scoring a Texas Monthly gig through the magazine’s Barbecue Editor, Daniel Vaughn, whom he met in the Texas BBQ circuit. "When Daniel gave me that Texas Monthly gig, I thought, writing about BBQ could really lead to something."